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Tires & auto repair in Langley!

Big O Tires is your home team in North Langley. We are proud to be the premiere provider of tires and auto repair in Langley, Port Kells. From brakes to oil changes and everything in between, and don’t forget we offer the most complete selection of tires and wheels for every type of vehicle and all types of road conditions! 

And we’re an authorized MAP (Motorist Assurance Program) service centre. That means we are committed to following the Internationally recognized MAP repair and maintenance standards, your assurance that you’ll never have work done to your vehicle by our team that it doesn’t need and that we’ll always maintain your vehicle to MAP’s premiere standards of excellence!

Ian Vicuna
Ian Vicuna
Had a wheel alignment done a couple weeks back and couldn't get it done due to having seized bolts. They didn't charge me anything, though they were in the right to as I took up their time on the lift and tech time. That was very much appreciated and stood out to me like amazing, honest, customer service. Fixed what I needed to fix and called back for a second alignment. They squeezed me in next day and got the job done. Will definitely use these guys in the future again!
Andy Evans
Andy Evans
We use Big-O for all our truck & trailer tires, as well as all mechanical needs. Pricing is fair and they always do a great job.
Jod Goranson
Jod Goranson
Went in with a slow leak in my tire. Unfortunately during the repair the air pressure sensor got damaged. They handed the situation with the utmost professionalism. I am so impressed. They made it all right without conflict. I will definitely be back and refer PortKells BigO tire!!!
Jennifer Kendall
Jennifer Kendall
Stopped when I found out I had 2 very low 15 psi tires same side, Kal tire wouldn't even look, these people are the best they took my wheels found that both had a very small dent, enough to let air out slowly, this may have been happening for months you guys were wonderful, thank you for your time and concern
David Pickrell
David Pickrell
I had the tires balanced on my half ton. They got me in and out fast and are super friendly. Definitely recommend them.
Nikki Kenyon
Nikki Kenyon
Great service, helpful, knowledgeable and friendly.
Excellent staff & exceptional service every single time my wife and I go. I would struggle to believe there is a better tire shop around. 5 stars simply don’t seem to be enough to express my consistent satisfaction & appreciation throughout the years.
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The Best Tire Brands

At Big O Tires in Port Kells, we offer competitive prices on the top brand names in tires from Michelin to BF Goodrich, and of course our own world famous Big O Brand tires!

Lube, Oil & Filters

We may be known for our tires around town, but in Port Kells, we also take care of the day-to-day maintenance for many of our local customers. From oil changes and air filters to topping up the fluids. Keeping your vehicle running smoothly is what we do!

All Kinds of Rims

Selecting the right rims can be just as important as selecting the right tires. Come check out our selection of rims in stock. And what we don’t have in the shop, we can bring in from the Big O Tires warehouse.

We're Locally owned!

It’s more than a cliche, we really are your hometeam. Patrick, Jamie and the team at Big O in Port Kells take pride in the work they do because they’re your neighbours. They live, work and play here and that means they treat every customer’s vehicle like its their own!

Auto Repairs from A-Z

A lot’s riding on your tires, which is why we offer a full range of automotive repair services. If it’s clanging, banging, squealing or screeching, just bring it in and we’ll get you back on the road safely!

We're Putting Trust on the MAP

Not every auto service shop qualifies to be a member of the Motorist Assurance Program. We’re proud to let customers know that Big O in Port Kells is a M.A.P. authorized service center. Click to find out more.

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