Blemishes Be Gone

Blemishes Be Gone

As mentioned in the last blog post, this is the season of road trips! But there’s nothing worse than returning from that great road trip only to discover your vehicle looks like it’s been through a war! Bugs on the headlights, chips and dents, the list goes on.

Here are a few helpful tips to rid you of those road trip blemishes!

There’s nothing worse than coming back to your vehicle after it’s been parked somewhere, only to discover a small dent in your door or quarter panel. One simple way to remove those dents that can be effective in some cases involves nothing more than hot water and a toilet plunger. Take a kettle or other container with hot water and pour it on the dented area. This will make the area more malleable. Then take a household toilet plunger, push it over top of the dent to make sure you get a good seal and pull out the dent!

Headlights are another part of your vehicle that can get pretty nasty after a lot of highway driving. Want those headlights to sparkle like new again? Apply some toothpaste to the headlight and a little water and brush with a toothbrush or similar bristle brush and watch those headlights clean up right before your eyes!

For families with pets, it often seems like no amount of vacuuming will remove that pesky pet odour. If that’s the case, simple sprinkle a little baking soda over your carpets and seats before vacuuming. Baking soda will rid you of those unpleasant odours almost instantly!

Do you suffer from ‘tight garage syndrome’? Do those car doors always seem to find the garage walls when they’re swung open? Try adding a pool noodle at just the righty strategic height to your garage doors and swing away. No more chipped paint on those door edges!

One thing we see quite often is dry, cracked interiors often the result of using commercial cleaners designed to bring the shine and sheen back to leather and vinyl. The trouble with many of those products is that, while they do bring a nice shine and lustre to interiors, they can also cause those same interiors to dry out faster, causing cracking and fading. Vaseline to the rescue. Try wiping a small amount of Vaseline on those surfaces. Vaseline will keep those surfaces well lubricated and help preserve them. Just be careful when adding Vaseline to surfaces that need to be handled as they may become a little slippery. Never add Vaseline to your brake or accelerator pedals! Oil is also a good preservative for leather. Just be sure to use it sparingly.

As for corrosion, believe it or not, Coca Cola is a great corrosion remover, especially on engine parts. And unlike toxic chemical corrosion removers, whatever you have left over in the Coke can when you’re done, you can drink! 😊

Lastly, it’s always a good idea to keep a role of paper towel or shop towels stored away in your vehicle. From wiping up spills to cleaning your windshield, mirrors and interior, a roll of paper towels can be your best friend on road trips!

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