• Heading for the Hills!

    Heading for the Hills!

    We’re so fortunate to live in Beautiful British Columbia. From boating and championship golfing to trophy lake fishing, skiing, snowboarding and just about everything else in between, BC offers a four seasons playground unmatched anywhere else in the world. And while here on the Lower Mainland, driving our traffic-filled roads through those four seasons isn’t

  • Should You Get Siped?
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    Should You Get Siped?

    There are many ways to improve traction on the road during Winter, which up here in BC, when the snow starts to fly and the temperatures drop, can be critically important. Switching to a snow and ice rated Winter tire, installing chains and even adding weight to the back end of your vehicle (like carrying

  • Them’s the Brakes! Tips for Reducing Brake Wear & Tear
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    Them’s the Brakes! Tips for Reducing Brake Wear & Tear

    At Big O Tires, we do brakes, and lots of other types of automotive repair too. Every part of a vehicle suffers wear and tear, but how you drive your vehicle can often help reduce the amount of wear and tear on various component parts, decreasing the frequency at which those parts need to be

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